Footscray Pop Up School Event

The inaugural Footscray Pop Up School was a free community event that celebrated the various ways of learning and teaching from the people of Footscray. This local event featured performances, workshops and exhibitions from a variety of Footscray locals. We were lucky enough to be able to exhibit the project. The event was run by the Public Pedagogies Institute and can be found here

"Throughout history, Footscray has become a stage for intense cultural appropriation and has allowed for the inhabitation of a diverse number of ethnic communities. Waves of immigrant communities have altered and adapted the urban environment to suit their particular cultural practices and identities. However, the suburb’s diversity and intense social livelihood is currently being threatened by a primarily top down, formalist planning system- a system whose primary goal is to increase capital for developers, and allow for the abrupt insertion of new socio-economic classes. The thesis proposal acts as a direct retaliation to the current methodology of urban development underway in Footscray and investigates how an architectural response could be used to enhance the positive aspects which already exist in the suburb, whilst addressing the development and density needs of a suburb undergoing imminent transformation.  The in-depth study of Footscray’s existing morphology, social networks, cultural practices and patterns of urbanism will support the proposition of a more sustainable and inclusive paradigm of urban development. Adopting the principles from informal urbanism, this new development model will aim to empower existing social networks and integrate the local population into the inevitable regeneration of the suburb."