Footscray is governed by its own pattern language. From the scale of the suburb to the market, Footscray can be read as a collection of overlapping patterns.



The pattern of residential constitutes the biggest: it sweeps over the breadth of the suburb. A central commercial area provides a focal point for activity and stitches the suburb together. New developments can be read as interferences to these patterns- separate and self-referential


The central activity district of Footscray consists of a rich tapestry of ethnic groups, with each one of them contributing directly to the unique urban character of the suburb. African and Vietnamese communities hold the strongest presence in the central district- each having clear and identifiable zones of occupation. As the patterns suggest, the Vietnamese presence is clearly the most dominant in the central activity district.


The Footscray Market acts as a microcosm of the suburb at large. When one examines the patterns of ethnicity of the market, many commonalities can be made between it and the central activity district. Similar to the suburb, each store plays a part of a larger, inter-connected social network, whereby the market operates as an assemblage of individual elements.

The market has a clear presence of Vietnamese traders, with other ethnic shops appearing scattered throughout. New patterns of ethnicity are slowly emerging as Footscray’s multi-cultural fabric is shifting.